The Fourth Gospel and a ‘Fourth Quest’ for the Historical Jesus

Church fresco in Overselo, Sweden. Photo by Klafui

As announced by JohnDave Medina at Near Emmaus, Dr. Paul N. Anderson’s lecture series on John, Jesus, and History should begin today at Reedwood Friends Church, Portland, Oregon.  JohnDave indicated to me that Dr. Anderson was agreeable to the idea of uploading audio and/or video of one or more key sessions in the program.  I’m eager to see that happen.

It’s a Sunday-Wednesday split venue.  The Sunday series, Reading John again … for the First Time, is scheduled to begin today and finish next Sunday.  The Wednesday series, Jesus, Christ, and John, begins this Wednesday, April 21, and concludes April 28. 

Paul N. Anderson is founding co-chair of the John, Jesus, and History Group at the national Society of Biblical Literature.  I am currently reading Volume 1 of this group’s work (ed. Anderson et al, 2007 by SBL).

Capping off the series, Anderson promises a joint session with Marcus Borg entitled, The Origin of the Gospels – The Synoptics and John, scheduled for Wednesday, May 19.  There will also be a public symposium tabled by Anderson and Borg at Reedwood the following Saturday, May 22, Jesus in Bi-Optic Perspective: Latest Scholarship on the Synoptics and John.

Has the Fourth Quest for the historical Jesus already begun?  How fitting if it is to be characterized by a just resort to the Fourth Gospel – a supplementation of the synoptic approach with this very promising ‘Bi-Optic’ approach which Anderson is talking about!


4 thoughts on “The Fourth Gospel and a ‘Fourth Quest’ for the Historical Jesus

  1. Great post, John! The Sunday sessions won’t be put online, since the instructional medium will be more movie-based, I believe. Paul is going to see what can be done about the Wednesday session as regards recording them to make them available on the web. But we’re definitely aiming to get the Borg-Anderson sessions onto the ‘net.

  2. Great, JohnDave.

    And I see I missed that distinction you made earlier in your reply to me of last week – that online access might be limited to the Anderson-Borg sessions only.

    I will correct my post above to reflect that limitation, so as not to hold you to a greater promise than you made. Thanks for any effort, though.

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