The Gospel of John meets NT Wright at Wheaton

This morning’s studies have been illuminated by the ongoing Wheaton Conference blogging of Nijay Gupta especially the link I found there to the conference videos and MP3

Needless to say I was very much edified to listen in full to Marianne Meye Thompson’s talk on “The Gospel of John Meets Jesus and the Victory of God.”  Thompson gives a convincing recommendation of the value of John’s Gospel as a supplement (and more than a supplement) to the ostensibly limited synoptic views of NT Wright’s book.

I doubt Wright will contradict, although I haven’t been able to find interaction between him and Thompson yet. 

Thanks to Brian LePort at Near Emmaus for the initial link to Nijay’s post.


2 thoughts on “The Gospel of John meets NT Wright at Wheaton

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  2. Just a note; Having had more time to get back to the tapes of this event, I think it was evident from the Friday afternoon panel discussion that Bishop Wright was more than appreciative of Dr. Thompson’s paper (see again the conference link above).

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